Private Markets: Reimagined

agora | noun [ag·o·ra]: (ancient Greek) meeting ground; marketplace

Agora X (AGX), is the marketplace for a new generation of investment opportunities. A digital exchange platform for issuers to list and investors to trade and settle almost instantaneously, enhancing liquidity, accessibility and efficiency.

For Investors


Capitalise on a variety of private market products with lower entry thresholds to craft an inflation-proof portfolio

Alternative Assets

Private Equity

Private Debt

Why Private Markets​

Gateway to diversifying your portfolio through previously inaccessible opportunities


Wider range of investment opportunities coupled with the option of fractional asset ownership


Secured ownership through the use of
blockchain technology


Less susceptible to market fluctuations via alternative low-beta instruments

How to Start

AGX is available only to Corporate Accredited Investors or Institutional Investors as defined under the Securities and Futures Act 2001

If you are ready to explore available opportunities to broaden your investment portfolio, or if you have more questions about digitised private markets, drop us your contact details via the link below

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For Issuers

Asset Tokenisation​

Manage capital flow through digitisation of assets and securities


Digital assets are a digital representation of financial products that can be issued and transacted on the blockchain, providing traceability and accountability of ownership

Borderless Liquidity

Tokenisation breaks down large investments into smaller digital tokens, allowing issuers to tap new pools of qualified investors globally

Cost Savings

More efficient processes lower costs of raising capital

Next Steps

The private markets are on the cusp of profound change 

Speak to our team to find out how the private markets can play an important role in your capital flow management via the link below

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Making private markets accessible

At AGX, we focus on bridging the accessibility gap between investors and issuers in the digital assets ecosystem